Freitag, November 17

A walk around Berlin - Anna / Part one

Last week I went to Berlin for two short days to visit my friend, to explore the city and
most of all to shoot some pictures of this beautiful girl named Anna.
We walked around the streets and discovered lovely backyards, little corners behind houses,
a place full of ivy and a little bit of magical light on a white bench and Anna seemed
to fit to all of them so perfectly. 

Dienstag, November 14

Knocking at my door

November arrived and with it the darkness that
makes you melancholic more than ever. But then I saw this golden sparkle
behind my door, shining in the goldest tones and warming my face like
a little fire. 

Freitag, November 10

Warmth on grey days

Montag, November 6

October Playlist / Autumn In A Wreath

I feel like autumn is slowly coming to an end. The colors start
to fade, the sky becomes grey and I have to wear my scarf almost
every time I go out now. 
Tea after tea is warming my hands and warm sweaters and socks
my body. Goodbye October, you were melancholy, but I loved your
brassy sun and red berries.